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Recently the US blogosphere has become increasingly alarmed by the new Anti-Piracy Act – Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA. Discussions of the topic are, to put it mildly, quite frank, with comments like: “These idiots are coming for your internet”. What is SOPA? …

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Call for Action: Internet Should Become a Military-Free Zone.

We are now seeing some joint efforts to combat cybercriminals. However, I’m more concerned about another side of Internet security. The tricks of a cybercriminal will seem trifling compared to a large-scale cyberwar on the web. The military is gradually turning the Internet into one big minefield. The whole area is beyond the control of society – it’s almost anarchy with everyone doing whatever they want. We need an international organization in order to control cyber-weapons.

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Ni Hao Compulsory Internet IDs.

Innovations at Beijing airport (Terminal 2). To get a log-in and password for Wi-Fi, you need to put your passport (or Chinese ID if you have one) into a special machine, which scans the main page, determines the full name of the owner and document number, and then prints out a user name and password. Looks like a forerunner to compulsory Internet IDs…

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