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From Columbia to Colombo.

Now, if you’re not too hot on geography, I’m writing this from Washington, D.C., with the D.C. standing for District of Columbia, don’t you know. There’s another Washington – Washington state – on the other side of the American continent, but without the D.C. There’s a Colombia – the South American country; then there’s Columbia University in New York; there’s Columbo – the TV detective fond of beige sack-like raincoats; and to add to the confusion, round the other side of the globe there’s Colombo – the largest city of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), which is where we’re headed today …

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A380: All Right Matey!

Like little children getting overly giddy when they see a fair attraction – I’m the same when it comes to entering an Airbus A380! The world’s largest passenger airliner, a mammoth mass of metal with wings, with two storeys. What’s not to like? …

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