I am Eugene Kaspersky, Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab. Some people call me the Virus Pope – based on my 23-years’ experience and industry recognition in fighting malware.

This blog brings you my personal opinions on current topics. Here you will find me airing my thoughts on recent IT security news and industry development. Well, at least this is what may happen.

However, my main intention here is to engage in a broader conversation with you and discuss other things that sometimes fall beyond boring security issues. I travel a lot, meet many people from different countries, and give many public speeches. I believe such a broader and more relaxed interaction will be much more interesting and provide better insights.

At the same time I would encourage you to check out the security-related blogs from the top Kaspersky Lab experts at Securelist. This is a premium source of proven expertise coming first hand from the people I trust.

My opinions don’t necessarily represent those of Kaspersky Lab, but I’m hoping they will provide you with plenty of ideas as a starting point for decent discussion!


I was born in 1965 in Novorossiysk, Russia.

From my early years I became interested in mathematics. One of my favorite hobbies in high school was solving quizzes published in technical magazines. Luckily my mother soon cottoned-on to my inclination for mathematics, and decided – thankfully! – to cultivate my talents with a specialized education.

In high school I attended advanced classes in math and physics for gifted students organized by Moscow State University. In 1987 I graduated from the Russian Institute of Cryptography, Telecommunications and Computer Science, where I focused on computer technology and mathematical engineering.

After graduating I worked at a large research facility. While there, in October 1989, a colleague showed me a file that he said was causing strange visual effects on his computer. I was really curious about the file, analyzed it, and developed a disinfection utility for what was the virus now known as Cascade.

I soon became rather well-known around the facility as the “guy who kills viruses”, and soon people were regularly drifting into my room bringing other strangely behaving files. Despite it then only being the early dawn of the computer era, within a couple of months I had analyzed dozens of viruses, and continuously improved my disinfection utility, called “-V”. With each new virus my interest in this phenomenon grew and soon I realized this was more than just a hobby.

In 1991 – by which time computer viruses had become increasingly varied and commonplace – my colleagues and I developed “AVP” (an accidentally mistyped acronym for AntiViral Toolkit Pro!) – the prototype for Kaspersky Anti-Virus. We had a simple mission: to make the best virus protection program there is. We also possessed unshakeable confidence that we were fated to fulfill this mission, and worked incessantly in reaching it. The first proper tangible result came in 1994 – when AVP made a splash in the industry by providing the best detection rate during its first international appearance in an authoritative comparative test performed by Hamburg University.

In 1997 we agreed the product had matured and was ready to begin being commercially marketed. We established an independent company and became the founders of Kaspersky Lab.

From that time I led the antivirus research in the company – up until 2007, when I took up the position of Chief Executive Officer – leading the company to take the fourth position in the world ranking of anti-virus vendors in 2010.

I am based in Moscow, have three kids, like skiing, and take every opportunity when not on the road to indulge myself with a couple of days in the Alps. Despite our recent alliance with Ferrari, I have to settle for fulfilling my passion for fast driving with BMW M3 – public roads in Moscow still leave much to be desired and are not suited to the Italian supercars one bit!

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