Dressing Down, Dressing Up, Dressing Green.

Hi all!

Well it’s back on the road again for me, off on another crazy trip around the planet. First stop – Japan, for the Nikkei Global Management Forum. I won’t go into the details of the event, but here are a few photos:

In among the suits (never was one for dressing up)

“Mr. Photographer, shall I move these flowers out of the way for you?”

The most interesting bit came after the management forum – in Tokyo Disneyland!

This is a fairly crazy place – especially around Halloween time. The Japanese are of course the biggest show-offs in the world, in a good sense of course. It’s as if Disneyland was designed especially for the Japanese, particularly those of the fairer sex. So it’s just as well there’s a Disneyland in Japan too :)

Dressing up:

“I may have a toy bear on my arm, but that doesn’t mean I have to smile”

Oh yes – Japanese alternative creativity coming to the fore. Only in Japan!

Not sure who’s scarier – the vampire-ess, or the face-less head-of-hair next to her

Reeaal Scary Halloween bunnies

Ah – that’s more like it: pumpkins and ghosts. Old-skool Halloween

More scariness

“You talking to me?”


Snow White and the… Nine Dwarfs!

V for Vendetta

Nice camera

Nice fit

KL joining in the fun

But that’s not all! Our Japanese office also does the traditional mad-hatter stuff too!

At first glance, viewed out of context, and without understanding the Japanese specific style, this video looks, let’s say… a little bizarre. But as a matter of fact for the local specific it’s a really cool and super-effective advertising campaign – with a green bear (no doubt swam over the Sea of Okhotsk from Kamchatka) in the lead role :). And it’s and going down a storm and getting crazily popular!

Kaspersky Lab – through a (Japanese telephoto) lens

The guy hiding being behind Bear-Hulk is our Japanese office’s director, Rintaro-san:

Ciao all! Until next time… from the other side of the Pacific…

Grooving green grizzly

The rest of the photos are here.

5 Responses to “Dressing Down, Dressing Up, Dressing Green.”

  1. Hope you have fun in Japan and the rest of your trip Mr. Kaspersky
    Loved the green bear idea! specially the small doll one sitting by Kaspersky products. :D

  2. Reblogged this on angellocombiano and commented:
    Maravillosas im’agenes !!! Una cultura admirable. Exitos Mr. Kaspersky en las gestiones.


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