Home Sweet Home!

Just wanted to share some good news with you.

At the end of 2012 we’ll be moving to new office premises in the “Оlympia Park” business center located in the North-West part of Moscow. It’s not far from the Vodny Stadion metro station, sits on the bank of the Khimky reservoir, and is 15 minutes drive from Sheremetevo airport (that is of course with no traffic jams). Neighboring are a yacht club, hotel and other good stuff to help an international business along. Almost 30,000 square meters (~326,000 sq.ft.). Straight away a fantasy kicked in on where we’d install everything!

Olympia is still under construction, but already I just know that we’re going to like it there – a lot!

Here are a few photos from the building site:

The billiards room:

The gym:

The shooting range:

The cafeteria:

And some of the surrounding scenery.

To a bright future looking like this. Cheers!

13 Responses to “Home Sweet Home!”

  1. Protect the privacy of your customers, stay on top of the technology, stay politically neutural, stay at the lower bracket of your profit margin, profit by volume and not by individual item, stay as user friendly as possible, then, the world of computer security market will be yours!

    Congradulations to you success!

    I am one of the Kaspersky Security software users.

  2. Wow…Congrats. Hope kaspersky will keep growing

  3. Felicidades Eugene, un logro merecido, a una excelente empresa. La mejor marca de Antivirus necesita la Mejor Sede. Felicidades.!!

  4. I hope there will be a big big logo KASPERSKY LAB! Eugene, you deserve it!

    Kaspersky Team

  5. Looks like a gorgeous new location. I’ll have to do a rotation to HQ next year to visit :)

  6. This is the way to go Kaspersky!!! Congratulations, I’m on of your faithful users… keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it green… I’d never doubted on recommending you guys since I first used your product 3 years ago!.

  7. congratulation Pak (Mr.) Eugene Kaspersky, success always with you, keep the products comfort as we are at home …

    success always for the Kaspersky Lab Team.

    -Rio Yotto
    Jakarta Indonesia

  8. Minor correction: 30 000 sq. m is approx. 326 000 sq. ft., not 100 000.

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