Ni Hao Compulsory Internet IDs.

Innovations at Beijing airport (Terminal 2)

1. To get a log-in and password for Wi-Fi, you need to put your passport (or Chinese ID if you have one) into a special machine, which scans the main page, determines the full name of the owner and document number, and then prints out a user name and password. Looks like a forerunner to compulsory Internet IDs.

Here is a photo of the Wi-Fi vending machine

And here is your Wi-Fi permission. Fully authorized.

2. No Smoking. All the smoking rooms have been closed. A blessing to all those still trying to quit.

3. Cigarette Lighter Ban.

It would appear that Chinese lighters [used to be] of such poor quality that they exploded in mid-air from the drop in pressure. Gibberish, of course, but how else can one explain that in Beijing airport they’ve set up the x-ray scanners to detect cig lighters, which angrily screech if one is found in baggage. And not just in hand luggage – also in baggage to be checked in! Then the officials make you open up everything and destroy said offending items.

4 Responses to “Ni Hao Compulsory Internet IDs.”

  1. I would not want to be at an Airport where Internet Access is very complicated like this.

  2. Are you surprised that China, which attempts a stranglehold on internet content, would require an ID for access? On the other hand, if the access works well, wouldn’t it be nice to have working free access at an airport? Something the US certainly can’t offer everywhere!

    • Hi Randy,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Not at all. Moreover I am known as one of the advocates for Internet IDs as this is something that can substancially descrease the cybercrime and make it much easier to protect users’ computers. Of course there will always be issues of stealing or faking or whatever IDs. However, I am sure the idea will contribute to making Internet a safer place to communicate.

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